Twitter Thread: Cat Hooman Shares Tale Of Loss With Unexpected Plot Twists


It is very difficult to part with your furry companions. Cats become a part of their hoomans life and make a permanent place in their lives. Some people may think that cats are selfish and mean, but ask the ones who live with cats and they will tell you the truth.

Cats are pawsome pets who love their hoomans the most. The felines don’t like to show their hoomans that they care for them. So most of the time cats act like that they don’t care for their hoomans. But true love doesn’t stay hidden for long.

Losing your cat is the most painful thing ever. Eric Schmidt lost his cat and he shared the story on Twitter. But just when they lost their cat, something interesting happened that turned the story completely around. Here’s the entire twitter thread of the story for you. Read it till the end and we promise you will have tears in your eyes.


It is definitely a roller coaster ride for any cat hooman who loses his cat.


This cat mom needs a lot of help and support at the moment. We completely understand your situation. We are really sorry for you.

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Cats always have a surprise for you. They will scare you at first, but always ensure that there is a smile on your face in the end. This cat had it all planned in advance. Maybe he just wanted to get everyone’s attention.


Here’s the naughty cat who scared everyone. Jokes are fine, little kitty. But this one went way too far. Please don’t do this again.


The cat’s family actually buried a rabbit instead of a cat. Well, it seems that the cat is not the only one responsible for the entire situation. His family is also equally responsible.


Here’s another story of cat disappearance which turned out to be pretty hilarious.


Another one to make you laugh!

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