Stray Cat From Bulgaria Accidentally Turned Itself Green


You might have seen different kinds of cat in your life. Some cats are huge, some are tiny, some are black, others are white. All of them are adorable and pawsome. But have you ever seen a cat that has a turquoise fur? If not yet, then you are about to meet a pawsome cat that is turquoise in color.

The funny thing is that this cat that we are talking about has not been dyed turquoise by anyone. The kitty has a very unique story. Cats love to surprise everyone around them and this cat is no different. The felines are an expert at giving surprises as they put a lot of thought into everything that they do.

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The turquoise cat that this story is about doesn’t have a name as it is a stray cat that lives in Varna, Bulgaria. When people noticed the cat, they thought that the cat was vandalized and it was a case of animal cruelty. People wanted to help the cat so they started a Facebook page to find out who has done this to the kitty.

As time passed, people noticed that except for the color, there was nothing wrong with the cat. It was completely healthy. Eventually, people thought that the cat had rolled in some paint.

The locals even tried to catch the cat and give it a bath, but nobody succeeded. The only time that people could catch the cat was in the camera.

The cat has been around for quite some time now. People have accepted the cat the way it is.

The cat with the turquoise color is very unique and it is impossible that the cat will go unnoticed in any situation. No one has ever seen a turquoise colored cat before and maybe no one will ever see one except for this cat.

With all the friends around the cat, no one will dare to bother the cat or torture him.

Here’s a pawsome video of the turquoise colored cat!

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