Guy Asks If He Is Wrong For “Lying” To His Cat


Even though our cats may not speak our language, they understand more than you think. Cats are super sensitive and it very difficult to gain their trust. But you can lose it really quickly if you lie to them or betray them.

A Reddit user’s girlfriend though that lying to a cat is not a good idea. Apparently, her boyfriend has been lying to his cat for some time and being really mean to the little cat. Read ahead to know the full story.

Every time the cat comes roaming into the kitchen, this guy would shake the cat’s treats bag and lure him outside. But sadly, the bag won’t always be full of treats.

This guy is not only being mean to the cat, but also disappointing him.

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The guy’s girlfriend told him that he should stop doing this. But he wouldn’t agree. So she told him to ask for other people’s opinion.

What do you think about the entire situation? Is this guy actually being mean or is his girlfriend being too dramatic?

Well, even though the cat would be offended at first. It would forget about it instantly and move on. But fooling a cat into believing something that is not true is surely not a good idea. It would be so much better if this guy would actually give some treats to his cat. This way, he would still have the cat’s trust.

See how other people responded to the story!

Many people think that this was guy was actually very mean.

But then there is another person who came up with a scientific explanation for this behavior.

People will always come to a cat’s rescue.

Some people even felt that this was the right thing to do. People even started giving some suggestions on how to lure the cat out.

But red lasers are not good for the cat.

What do you think about the entire situation? Let us know in the comments below!

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