2020 Wrap Up: Best 10 Cat Tweets Of The Year


A lot has happened over the previous year. It has been a pretty interesting year for our cats as well. Cats always make sure that they are the center of attention, no matter what happens.

Here is a collection of the best cat tweets of the year 2020. Have a look at them and we are sure that they will definitely fill your heart with pawsomeness.


Just like this cat’s fur, his heart is also full of lots of love. Every cat is pawsome and has pure love in it’s cat. But not all cats show it easily. You have to gain your cat’s trust to let them reveal their pawsome side to you.


These cats have their own charm. You can’t just look at them once.

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Even though cats prefer to party all night, they have a thing for sleepovers as well. Cats like some of the human traditions and so they follow them too.


Moms can make really good cat memes. They are super talented, no doubt.


“Thank you for giving me your attention. Now you can carry on or else, stay back and keep giving me all your attention. I would just like it very much.”


Cats doesn’t take long to start a movement. They are always well coordinated.


This cat likes his new look and doesn’t mind going to the vet. She thinks that its her new boots and consider them super cool. No one is as pawsome as cats. They teach us how to find hope even in the darkest of moments.


Cats like spending time in their hooman’s kitchen and leaving their mark on food is only the consequence of it. Sometimes, cats do this on purpose to let their hoomans know that they are around.


Every cat has a special talent. Support your cat so that it can also discover his talent.


Cats will always be adorable, no matter what situation they go through. All love and support for this kitty!

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