10 Unique Cats You Can’t Help But Drool Over


A cat lover knows that you can’t just look at a cat only once. Cats have the charm to win over anyone’s heart within a few moments. One innocent look from a cat and you have fallen for the cat.

Here are some unique cats you can’t help but drool over. Have a look at the picture of these beautiful cats and we bet you will fall in love with them at once!


This cat has huge green eyes and the coat color that you will remember forever. Just one look is not enough.


This cat is muscular and likes to show that he can protect his hooman from anything. “No trouble touches my hooman!”

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This snowy white cat has eyebrows on his fur to give the special effects.


Once upon a time, this cat had a completely black fur. But now it seems as if he went out playing in the snow. This cat is suffering from a special condition which has resulted into this change of color of his fur.


A black cat with a pink nose is all you need to see when you are going through a bad day. A cat is enough to put a smile on your face.

It is sad that many people believe that black cats bring bad luck. But this is not true at all. Every cat only brings happiness into his hooman’s life, be it black or white. Please help to spread this and break the myths around black cats. They too deserve love and affection.


This cat was struck by a lightning bolt and got this special effect on his fur.


This cat likes to carry his heart on his fur. Cats are made of pure love. This is all that they have to offer.


This cat with an extra long nose and outlined eyes is all that you need to brighten your day.


This cat’s fur is a proof that his heart is full of love.


This cat has got the perfect combination of black and white.

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