10 Times Naughty Cats Made Their Hoomans Put Up These Warning Notes


It’s not easy to know what a cat really wants. But when you do, it is your duty to let the others know. This will help you as well as the cat. Sometimes, cats get really greedy and they want extra food. They have lots of ways to lure strangers into feeding them. There are many other such situations. So when you are not around only a sign or note can help.

Here are some naughty cats who made their hoomans put up warning notes and these are totally hilarious!


A cat always has a purrfect story to fool you. It would be better if you don’t listen. Because if you will listen, you will believe. It is impossible to defy a cat.


Every cat owner must do this if he doesn’t want to keep standing at the door till the time the cat gets back inside.

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Here are some of the unsaid rules that every person must know. But if you are still living in ignorance, here’s the note for you.


This sign was always on every cat’s wish list and now it’s up for good.


Keeping the cat indoors is very important. Please don’t ignore this message.


If you know, you know. If you really want to enjoy your drinks, please do as the poster says.


This cat is figuring out how to get this sign down. It has affected her treats significantly and she doesn’t like it. Cats want what they want and they always find out a way to have it.


When a cat comes up to you for some extra food or maybe to visit you at home, please read its collar note first. Many cats are not satisfied with just one hooman and they want more.


Always read any poster carefully when the topic is a cat. Felines are masters of deception and you won’t like it if you get deceived.


Even though the cat acts as if he can’t read, he knows everything very well. Don’t be fooled!

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