10 Times Cats Showed That They Could Be Humans If They Spoke


Cats may not know our language, but they speak to us all the time. Well, they have a lot to teach. There are a lot of things that their hoomans are not doing correctly. Cats always take charge whenever anything goes wrong in their home. If only they could speak, cats will show you that they are just humans inside a cat body.

Here are some hilarious cats that showed that they could be humans if they spoke. Have a look at these cat pictures and you will have a good laugh!


When you try to leave your home without taking the permission of your cats, they will act just like your parents. Cats think that it is their responsibility to take care of their hoomans.


Cats don’t like to drink water from the bowl. They too want a glass of water just like you do. The felines learn really fast. Be careful how you act around them.

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What you treat as trash may be a treasure for a cat! Always ask a cat before throwing something away.


When your cat see you drop a cup and give you this reaction. “It’s my thing, hooman. You are not supposed to do this.”


When your cat actually treat you decently and decides to shake his paw instead of scratching you, is it really a cat?


A cat needs somethings for his entertainment too. Always make such arrangements for your cat. It will be really happy and not at all grateful. Cats are entitled beings. They don’t feel the need to thank their hoomans. “I deserve this, hooman!”


Who said cats don’t like to take a bath? You never made proper arrangements.


The cat has taken your bed. You need to make other arrangements now.


If this cat could speak, it will ask his hooman to stop being lazy and get him something to eat without any delay.


“Why did you close the door, hooman? I am still outside. Open it!”

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