10 Situations That Only Cat Owners Can Truly Understand


Cat hoomans have a very different life from the rest of the pet owners. Our pets may not change their hoomans life like the way cats do. Once a cat enters your life, it takes everything in its control. Cat hoomans need not worry about anything, except cleaning all the mess that their cats create. Cats ensure that their hoomans’ life is a big adventure and mess is a by-product which cannot be avoided.

Here are some hilarious situations that only cat owners can truly understand. Have a look!


Nothing is weird when you have a cat in your house. Upside down is pretty normal. It’s always good to find new perspectives from time to time.


This cat had some catnip and ended up in a paper bag instead of box. It’s funny to watch a cat when it can’t control everything.

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When you forget to feed your cat and it starts licking the wall to remind you.


Cats are not always found on top of your laptop. Sometimes they prefer your refrigerator instead.


The way this cat is looking at his hooman is a sign of danger. “Go hooman, look for the burning matchstick before it burns everything down.”

When your cat starts staring at you for no reason, you definitely have something to worry. Cats silently do everything. Cat hoomans don’t even come to know about their cat’s  plan till the time it is completed.


This cat likes to play hide and seek often. Hiding behind the curtains is his most favorite thing to do.


Something went wrong with one of the oranges. Maybe you should get it changed before it’s too late.


When your cat wakes up from his nap in the sun and gets angry at you for forgetting him outside.


This cat definitely doesn’t want his hooman to tie her hair.


When your cat acts like it is stuck to get your attention, do what it wants. You never get angry at your cat for being silly.

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