10 Purrfectly Timed Cat Photos Taken At The Right Meowment


Cats are spontaneous. So if you want to get good pictures of your cats, you have to be spontaneous too. It’s very difficult to get a decent picture of your cat. Sometimes the cat is not in the mood and at other times, you are not there. So when the purrfect moment finally happen, be sure that you are ready with your camera.

Here are some purrfectly timed cat photos taken at the right meowment! Have a look at these pictures and you will surely get surprised!


When your cat can fly, it would be better if you don’t mess with him. Also, with that look on his face, you definitely don’t want to make him angrier.


Cats are full of love. They just don’t like to show it often.

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When a cat decides to have fun, nothing can stop him.


Now who would like to have some meow mix. Also, that’s not an actual cat face. See, cats like to mess with their hoomans all the time. So before you get terrified, just check thoroughly.


There’s a cat on your face, lady. But maybe she likes it.

This is definitely some perfect timings to click a picture with your cat. A few moments later and there would be scratch marks all over the cat hooman. Getting a decent picture with your cat is truly an art. If you can’t manage with some decent picture, you better get some like these here. Have a look at some more of them.


Things can be very tricky some times. You should look closely at them before you make any judgments.


The cat shadow has eyes now. It can see you. Behave properly.


How many cats are there in this picture? It’s not that easy to guess. When it comes to cats, things are never easy.


This is one overdramatic cat who surely deserves an award for his acting skills.


This cat is about to attack the plants. “Save them while you can!”

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