10 Pictures Showing Cats Who Does Not Enjoy Vet Visits Will Make Your Day


Cats may consider themselves the rulers of this world, but they too are scared some times. If you live with a cat, you know what cats are scared of. Cats hate vets more than anything in this world. Taking your cat to a vet is the most difficult thing that you will do. When you succeed in taking your cats, they will try their best to hide away. They will do everything in their power to escape the vet.

Here are some pictures showing cats who does not enjoy vet visits will make your day. Have a look at these pictures and you will have a good laugh!


Hiding in the sink is the first thing that comes to a cat’s mind when you take him to the vet. “I am never coming out of here if that’s what it takes to escape this evil vet.”


This cat is too huge to be hiding behind the tap. Maybe he thinks that if nobody can see his face, then he will get away with it.

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This little cat is waiting to go home. “Why did you bring me here, hooman? I am purrfectly fine. Please take me home now.”


Cats will do anything to escape the vet. Look at this one trying to fit inside the little cupboard.


For a moment, you can miss the cat. But if you look again carefully, you will see how cleverly the sleek black cat is trying to hide behind the computer screen.


The moment you tell your cat that you are taking him to the vet, everything changes.


Cats get scared too. Take them to the vet and you will know.


It doesn’t matter if the cat can’t hide inside the sink, it will try anything to get away from the vet.


“You can’t do this to me, hooman. This is not fair at all. I never expected you to trap me and take me to the vet.”


Look at this cat’s face. He looks super scared.

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