10 Photo Comparisons Between Animals and Their Ancestors That Will Make Your Jaw Drop


A lot can change with time. if you look at your ancestors, you will be amazed how much our specie has changed over thousands of years. Just imagine how our cute looking animals used to look ages ago. We are here to show you how the animal kingdom changed over the years. The changes are truly surprising.

Here are some photo comparisons between animals and their ancestors that will make your jaw drop. Have a look and you will get absolutely amazed!


Cats always looked adorable. Even their ancestors knew how to win hooman’s heart with just a single look.


Do you know how the big blue whale looked ages ago? Get ready to get surprised.

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The ancestors of raccoons called Hyaenodons were not as cute as they are today. The Hyaenodons used to be 13 feet long and their teeth had the ability to self sharpen.


Sheep and goat were not at all the way their ancestors were. Their ancestors, the Andrewsarchus, were the biggest mammal predator and used to weigh a ton.


Just imagine if you think sharks are dangerous, then how dangerous their ancestors were. The prehistoric gigantic sharks were almost the size of a fie story building.


Many people think that koalas are the descendants of bears, but this is not so. Koalas descended from diprotodons who were almost the size of modern hippos and weighed almost three tons.


Possums came from Thylacosmilus who had huge fangs and looked like saber toothed cats. There are certain rumors that they are still alive.


The ancestors of modern boas called Titanboa were from Latin America. They somehow managed to perverse their peaceful personality. Fish used to be the most favorite food of these creatures.


The ancestors of pigs used to have sharp fangs and they had modest intelligence used for procuring food for themselves.


The ancestors of tortoise called Archelons were truly the giants of the animal kingdom who weighed almost the same as today’s elephant.

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