10 Pawsome Cats Who Have Control Over Everything In Their Homes


You can say whatever you like, but your cat is the true ruler of your home. You can’t do anything without getting their permission and you know it. The sooner you accept this fact, the happier you will be.

Here are some pawsome cats who have control over everything in their homes. Have a look and you will be awakened too!


Hiding where food is instantly available is ultimate smartness. Cats do use their brains. Even if it ruins things for the others, it certainly works in their interest.


When you choose to do a movie date with your cats and you end up being the intruder, better leave the cats alone.

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Nothing makes a cat as happy as finding the box full of toilet papers. “I found it, hooman. Get ready to clean all the messy. I will be up working all night.”


When you are already late for work and your cat allows you to sleep a little longer so you miss work and spend the entire day with her.


This cat has found the purrfect place to get everyone’s attention.

When you put something in a place where your cat wants to sit, it will push everything aside and make its own place. There is no stopping them. Cat hoomans know this fact very well, but they still make mistakes. But their cats don’t stop teaching till they learn their lessons well.


“I found my fridge open and when I looked inside, this pawsome cat was staring at me. It wasn’t my cat, but now it is.”


The cat went out with a piece of meat as he wasn’t sure if he will return back alive. “I will definitely freeze in this cold. At least I won’t die hungry.”


“My cats waiting for me to wake up like.”


This cat couldn’t find an empty box in the house, so he chose this. Pretty good replacement!


The cat and his hooman are bored and trying to find ways to entertain themselves.

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