10 Pawsome Cats Keeping Sadness At Bay


Cats like to stay happy and keep those around them happy them. Sadness is a word that doesn’t exist in a cat’s dictionary, but they know that it does in their hooman’s. Cats can’t sit quietly when their hoomans are sad. Then, cats have to take everything in their own hands and do what is supposed to be done.

Here are some pawsome cats helping their hoomans keep sadness at bay. Have a look and you will know that cats never fail when it comes to making their hoomans happy!


It doesn’t matter if there is any other member of the family on your important day, your cat has to be there.


This cat has got the purrfect name. He is very cheerful and loves to play with everyone.

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You can never be mad at your cat. That’s the very first rule of adopting a cat.


Cats can manipulate anyone very easily. Never ever get in a cat’s trap. No matter how adorable they look, cats always want you to do something for them.


Only cats know the true meaning of chilling. You can learn from this cat here.

Those of you who didn’t have a good day must be smiling for sure after looking at these hilarious cat memes. Cats don’t let anyone stay sad for long. They know that hoomans waste their precious time doing silly things that are boring. So the felines have to take charge of entertainment. We have to appreciate that cats because they are doing a pawsome job.


It gets quite difficult to make plans when you have such comfort. Delaying or cancelling plans is the only option then.


To all those who think cats do nothing, please have a look at these cats here.


Sometimes it’s not easy to decide what you are supposed to do. Cats know how to have the purrfect expressions at all times.


This cat has got the purrfect toy to play with.


Nothing seems adorable when compared to a cat.

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