10 Jerk Cats Being Shamed For Their Crimes


Cats are not afraid of following their heart even if it harms someone. They will do everything in their power to get what they want. Some cat hoomans like to shame their cats publicly for their crimes. If you live with a cat, then you know what it feels like. Even though you love your cat, some things that your cats do can get really annoying. It’s only fair to share with everyone what your cats do and feel better about it.

Here are some jerk cats being shamed for their crimes. Have a look at these cat pictures and you will have a good laugh!


If a cat likes something, it will take it. There is nothing that can stop them. Cats think that they rule the world and everything belongs to them.


A cat knows how to get it’s hooman’s attention. It doesn’t matter if it involves creating a mess, a cat is up for anything to get attention.

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A cat is supposed to enjoy its life. It will be really wrong of you to judge your cat for this.


A cat is supposed to bring for his hoomans everyday and cat hoomans are supposed to accept them.


A cat likes everything organized and it ensures that the cat hoomans do as required.


“I thought that my hooman was inviting me to bite him, so I happily obliged.


“I wanted to surprise my hooman mom, but she got upset. I don’t know what went wrong.”


“It is super fun. You should also try it sometime.”


“It’s not my fault if the hooman didn’t look at the chair before sitting on it.”


Cats are super confident about everything that they do. Also, cats love to see their hooman’s reaction whenever they do something mischievous.

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