10 Hilarious Issues That Only Cat Owners Will Understand


Living with a cat is like leading a completely different life. Cats run their hooman’s world on their own rules and the hoomans have to abide by these rules. A cat owner has pet issues too, but they are nothing like the other dog owners. Cats like to have everything planned well in advance. They love adventure and always have fun ideas in their mind.

Here are some hilarious issues that only cat owners will understand. Have a look and maybe you will understand!


Taking a selfie alone is not an option if you have a cat in home. The cat needs to be the center of attraction of everything.


A cat needs to taste everything even if he doesn’t like it.

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When your cat takes your project in his hands, you have to worry about everything. Cats love to create a mess out of everything.


Cats always find a place to hide when their hooman takes them to the pet.


Does this happen with you too?

Life is pretty pawsome when you have cats around. They ensure that their hoomans always have something or the other to laugh at. Even when things get boring, cats have something crazy to do. What weird things does your cat do in order to make you laugh? Share with us in the comments below. It’s always fun to hear crazy cat stories.


Everything is different when you have a cat around. Cats do the things their way and it’s never the human way.


Cats have a special training to make their hoomans feel bad for scolding them. you can’t get away with it.


Cats never care if they are disturbing you or stopping you from working. They will do as they like.


“Hi hooman, I need your attention. Maybe I should sit on your shoulder.”


Sharing food with your cat be like. A cat doesn’t like to share its food, but it needs to have a taste of everything his hooman eats.

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