10 Furry Bandits That Love To Steal Food From Distracted Humans


Cats love to steal their hooman’s stuff and hide it or maybe eat it. If you ever leave your cat and food in the same room, your cat will definitely have a taste of it. As careful as the felines try to be in stealing food, they always get caught.

Here are some furry bandits that love to steal food from distracted humans. Have a look at these cat pictures and you will get to know how mischievous they are!


Who is stealing all your snacks? Is this the reason that your cat is getting fat?


When your cats get hungry and steal your kid’s lunch. Your cat is just like a little kid of the home.

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When you leave your cats and food in the same room. “We thought you wanted us to have it. This is your share. You can have it.”


A cat likes to try out new things too. This is what they do when you are not around.


Meet this cat who likes to steal sausages!

Look how happy this cat is after stealing food from his hooman.


When your cat acts all innocent and gives you weird explanations of what happened to your food.

“You know that muffin you left on the side? It exploded.


Even a cat knows that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. “This fruit is delicious and keeps me healthy. You should also eat this fruit, hooman.”


When your catch your cat stealing your food and he doesn’t even feel guilty for it. “You said what belongs you is mine too. Why are you scolding me now?”


Now you know what the hole in the box is for. “This looks delicious. I should have one before my hooman finds me stealing his food. But it would be really fun to see his reaction.”


When your cat thinks that you won’t get to know anything about his little mischief, but the soup on his fur gives everything away.

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