10 Cats Who Found Their Own Way to Say “I Love You Hooman”


Cats are very shy when it comes to expressing their feelings. They may love their hooman the most, but they are too shy to say it out loud.  This is why our pawsome cats have found other ways to express their love for their hoomans. Have you found out yet how your cat expresses its love for you? If not, then wait for the right time. Just work towards getting your cat’s trust.

Here are some pawsome cats who found their own way to say “I love you hooman!”. Have a look at these cat pictures and learn how cats express their feelings!


This cat is trying to protect his pregnant hooman mom by hugging her while she rests. Cats are the best pets ever.


Cats sleep wherever they like. Consider yourself really lucky if your cat decides to snuggle next to you.

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A cat really cares for his hooman. This is why they like to sleep next to their hoomans to protect them from the evil in the night.


Not every cat sleeps like this. Most of them choose to sleep on their hooman’s face.


Your cat may ignore you for an entire day when its angry, but this is how they like to sleep at night. Cats know that till the time their hooman sleeps peacefully, everything will be fine.


“Hi hooman, why do you have to work all day long? Can’t we take a nap together? I will manage with this for now.”


“Hooman, you do silly things, but I love you! This doesn’t mean that I will always be good to you. I reserve my rights to bring trouble along now and then.”


Watching your cat fall asleep in your arms is the best feeling in the world.


Everyone needs big hugs once in a while, even your cat. Please take care of that.


Cats may fight with their hoomans, but they love them the most.

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