10 Cats Who Are Actually Creative When Trying To Get Attention


Cats can choose to ignore their hoomans all day long. But as soon as cat hoomans start working, their cats want all their attention. Even when cats want their hooman’s attention, they won’t say it out loud. Cats have to be creative in everything that they do. The felines are super creative and they don’t waste even a single opportunity to showcase their talent.

Here are some hilarious cats who are actually creative when trying to get attention. Have a look at these cat pictures and you will know why cats are so pawsome!


“What are you reading tonight, hooman? Can I also listen to it?”


“How many times do I have to tell you that you are not supposed to play video game in this house! I will sit in your lap every time you try to play.”

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When you are trying to study and your cat keeps on snatching the pencil from your hand. “You won’t get anything out of this stupid exercise. Let’s play hide and seek now.”


“Every time I bring my girl home, this is what my cat does.”


“Are you going somewhere? Can I come along or you should just stay maybe? I don’t want to be here all alone.”


“Guess who’s back? It’s your cat, silly. Now get up and cook something for me.”


When you have a special bag to carry your cat around, you are completely enchanted by your cat.


“My cat checks on me every fifteen minutes to check if I am working and taking a nap secretly. I find this really adorable.”


When your cat gets all worried every time you take a bath. “Are you alright, hooman? Are you sure the water won’t swallow you?”


When your cats decide to hijack your keyboard and you have no other option but to adore them.

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