10 Cats That Let Us Know Who Actually Sets the House Rules


Cats know that they are the rulers of the world. They rule the house they live in. Even though cat hoomans think that they set the house rules and take all decisions, this is not true. Where there is a feline, the cat hooman can’t be the decision maker. Cats make sure that everything is purrfect. And when things don’t turn out to be the way that they want, they instantly show its adverse consequences. Cat hoomans should know that they can’t do anything without their cat’s permission. If you are a cat hooman, you must already know it.

Here are some pawsome cats who showed everyone who actually sets the house rules. Have a look!


When you bring something into your home without taking your cat’s permission, this is how it will end.


Every cat hooman should keep an extra plant for his cat, else the cat won’t let the plants breathe for long.

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The cat was super hungry and isn’t guilt for this. Posing for picture after creating such a mess is only a cat thing. No other pet is capable of this.


This cat had a bad day. He was trying to eat something from the trash can and got his head stuck.


This cat was shocked to find out that his hooman has been hiding a cat mask away. “What are you planning to use it for?”


Always keep a spare charger in your home when you have a cat around. “Hi hooman, I did this to get your attention.”


When your cat hates camera, but you can’t stop trying to take pictures with them.


This cat clearly loves the pan. He refuses to leave it all. His hooman definitely needs a new pan to cook food.


When your cat gets angry, anything can happen. This is just a trailer.


When your cat goes out, they want to come back immediately. Just look at the desperation on this cat’s face.

10 Cats That Were Caught Doing Something They Aren’t Supposed To Be Doing

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