10 Cats That Couldn’t Care Less About Public Opinion


Cats never think how people will react to something that they do. Once they decide to do something, they go ahead with it. Too much thinking only spoils everything and cats don’t want that.

Here are some hilarious cats that couldn’t care less about public opinion. Have a look at these cat pictures and you will know why!


If a cat thinks that it is right, it has to be right. You never question a cat’s logic.


That moment when your cat thinks that you have been hiding another cat in the house. “Why would you keep another cat in the house while I am here!”

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The size of the box doesn’t matter. Just bring it to the cat and he will fit into it somehow.


“Saw an empty box. Thought I should take a nap. Here I am now. Why are you clicking my picture? Do you want people to think I am fat? Well, I really don’t care.”


Cats have a weird sense of comfort. “If I like it here, I will sit here. Do you have an issue with it? It’s none of my concern.”


A cat always has hope. Giving up is for losers and cats are the kings of this world. There is no way they are giving up.


A cat always has a spot to sit right in the middle of the table. “I will get everyone’s attention if I sit here. This seems like the perfect spot.”


What do you do when you find your cat like this? You better not disturb it because it is certainly in the middle of a ritual.


Cats don’t care if they mess things up. They know that their hooman will take care of everything.


If you ever want to learn how to balance life, you can learn it from a cat. But you will have to work a little harder because the law of gravity doesn’t work for your cat.

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