10 Cats That Are Upto No Good


It is no secret that cats can be really mean at times. But the tricks that they use are always surprising. There is no single cat hooman in the entire world who knows everything about his cat. Well, cats like to surprise their hoomans and keep things that way.

Here are ten cats that will show you some of their favorite mischievous tricks.

#1 “That’s my cat, but that’s not my key. This happens every once in a while when my cat brings me cool gifts.”

#2 When your cat tries to explain who is the real culprit, but you already know the truth.

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#3 “My cat loves to sit on the laundry every time I am folding it. I have tried explaining it to him a million times, but nothing works.”

#4 When you catch your cat red-handed and all they do is ask for help instead. If that is not the case, is your cat even a cat?

#5 When you can’t unsee certain things and wonder if they have happened before. Please keep a close check when you have a cat around.

#6 Cats are very selective when it comes to making friends. It is never easy for them to trust anyone.

#7 Cat’s comfort is all that matters. Rest all can wait.

#8 A cat will choose its own favorite stuff and you can’t change that. So why even make any efforts in trying.

#9 “Let me help you with the puzzle. See this is how it is done.”

#10 “Did you get a new plant? I liked it and I am sitting on it now. Go get another one for yourself.”

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