10 Cats Experienced Something for the First Time, and We Couldn’t Help but Smile


Cats always like to be in control. The moment they experience something for the first time, they don’t know how to react. It turns out to be pretty hilarious most of the times. All the cat hoomans reading this right now know what we are talking about. All those who don’t are about to find out soon.

Here are some pawsome cats who experienced something for the first time and reactions are so adorable. We bet you won’t be able to stop smiling at them!


Welcome to the outside world, little kitty! Did you like it?


If cats hate water, how will they react to snow? Find out yourself. “Snow is a wicked thing. I never liked water and its sibling is no good either.”

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This dog saw his hooman taking a bath and had to call the cat for help. What will the cat do now?


Another cat introduced to snow for the first time and this was how he reacted. Cats have quite a thing for snow.


“My furry friend here entered the fridge for the first time and he thinks that I use it to hide all the food away from him.”


“What is this? What happened to the big Christmas tree you used to get every year? I loved to destroy it. This little one is not good.”


“My cat wanted to interview me and the look he had on his face got me really nervous. It was more scary than a real interview.”


You have to be very careful when you take your cat out for the first time. It is impossible to predict how he will react.


Cats can get quite wild around the little babies. They feel threatened by their existence. “Who is this little fellow diverting all the attention I used to get towards himself? I need to dispose him off as soon as possible.”


“Outside is scary. I don’t like it at all. Please take me back in!”

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